Mt. Bigelow

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This page gives you a tour of the completed site on Mt. Bigelow. There are now 5 microwave links, 2 DRIL links and and IRLP remote. Everything is contained in two big blue racks.

The Next Page shows some of the site's historical photos.

This is a wide view of the station. The radios are in the left rack and the mux and control in the right rack.A close view of the 5 microwave radios with their filters.
Baseband identifier and baseband pads.The mux shelves are mounted under the controller.>
The DRIL interfaces are mounted to a panel above the computers.3 computers: DRIL DC, DRIL MT, IRLP.
There is a KVM switch on top of the DC computer.
Rear view of the completed rack.Front view of the right rack. We have test speakers and a HP-3551a test set to help us adjust audio levels.
Another view of the front of the rack showing the DRIL interfaces under the mux shelves.There is a monitor on top of the rack. We can set levels remotely via the computer/internet connection.

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