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Tucson, AZ 85748

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7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at the Lighthouse YMCA 2900 N. Columbus Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85712

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American Radio Relay League

Last update: 03/14/20

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Cholla Amateur Remote Base Association

News: There are photos of the Bigelow-Pinal dish repair on the Mt. Bigelow page, and photos of the new radios on the Heliograph page.

The Cholla Amateur Remote Base Association is a group of amateur radio operators based in southeastern Arizona who enjoy connecting mountaintop remote controlled uhf radios together via advanced radio linking. As part of the Cactus Intertie System, we bring connectivity to our service area which is centered on the city of Tucson, AZ.

CARBA is a sponsored membership organization of licensed radio amateurs that has been in existence since the mid 1970's. To learn more about our group and its structure, you can read the CARBA FAQ.

We have taken our name from the indigenous Cholla cactus, commonly known as the jumping cactus, because of its similarity to our radio links jumping from site to site.

Our group is at the forefront of using the amateur radio Microwave Bands for our links. We have developed practical ways of linking our different sites using an infrastructure built on microwave radios. You can learn more by reading The CARBA MICROWAVE STORY.

Visit our Radio Sites

This is our primary site which overlooks Tucson from a 9000 foot vantage point in the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Mt. Bigelow CARBA's primary microwave hub is located a few miles east of Mt. Lemmon. The site provides us a place to mount mutiple microwave dishes making a hub possible.
Downtown Our local site provides close in coverage in the metro Tucson area as well as fill-in coverage on the north part of the city which is shadowed from Mt. Lemmon.
North Tucson Another local site provides close in coverage in the North Tucson/Marana/Oro Valley area.
Mule Mt. This site provides great coverage in the southeast corner of the state. Mule Mt. overlooks the town of Bisbee and has a great view of Sierra Vista and Douglas.
Located half way between Tucson and Nogales in the Santa Rita mountains, Elephant Head Peak provides solid coverage along Interstate 19 south of Tucson.
At a 10,000 foot elevation, Heliograph Peak is our highest site. It is located along the south end of the Pinaleño Mountains overlooking the town of Safford. We share the responsibility for the site with the Jacks Peak Cactus Intertie affiliate.
Dragoon Near the town of Dragoon, Arizona, this site overlooks Texas Canyon and east and west along I-10 between the towns of Benson and Willcox.
Red Mt. A joint venture with the Santa Cruz County RACES, Red Mountain overlooks the town of Patagonia and provides coverage along Route 82 from Sonoita to Nogales. We also support an open 2m repater on the site: 146.64- pl 127.3.
We are also partners with the Jacks Peak A.R.A. in this site in southeastern New Mexico. Dark Canyon is on the last high mountain in the southwestern U.S. and looks over the plains to the east. It is also our radio gateway to Texas.

Visit our Radio Neighbors

SARBA The Saguaro Amateur Remote Base Assn, is our neighbor to the north. We link to their site on Pinal Peak via a microwave link from our site on Mt. Bigelow. Pinal Peak often will receive much snow in the winter. The winter of 2008-2009 was a bad one for our microwave dish. Here are pictures of the mess.
JPARA We share our site on Heliograph Peak with them. The Jack's Peak group has sites throughout New Mexico in locations such as Sandia Peak, Benson Ridge, Dark Canyon, Caballo Mountain and, in Arizona, on Guthrie Peak.
NERA The Cactus affiliate in the Washington, D.C. area is NERA.
We link to NERA via the a DRIL voip link.