Elephant Head Peak

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The Elephant Head radio site from the air on a beautiful fall day in 2003.

This view is of two of the shorter towers on Elephant Head Peak, which is at 6000' above sea level with views to both Tucson and Nogales, Arizona.

To the east you can make out the Whipple Observatory on the top of 9000' Mt. Hopkins. This is why Elephant Head Peak does not have any radio coverage to the east.

The first new site of our microwave expansion was Elephant Head. This is the original microwave dish pointed toward Mt. Bigelow. The original dish installation project.
A few months after our original installation we found out that Pima County was going to put a new building right where our dish was mounted, so it had to come down. . . . . . and go up on another tower.
A major part of the job involved re-routing the heliax feedline. . . . . . which involved cutting holes in steel!
Many helped with the supervision. Some actually worked.
Thanks to KB7RFI, N7VO, N7JZT, N7CK, KD6XH, KB7WFO and N7XY for their hard work.
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