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On June 1, 2001 we installed the a microwave dish antenna to complete the link between Mt. Bigelow and Heliograph Peak. Look here for pictures of the installation.

On October 19 and 20 the microwave link for Heliograph Peak to Jacks Peak was finished and the link was cut over to the microwave radios after an enormous effort to get everything finished before an approaching winter storm. This link will lead you to a slide show of the mountaintop installation. Pictures are 800x600 so it may take time to load on a slower connection.
Jacks-Heliograph Microwave Install Slideshow

Iced Towers
Site under ice
In December 1997 the site was hit with an El Niño driven ice storm. The rime ice loading on the towers was tremendous.
Tower Damage
Tower hits building
The tower collapsed due to ice loading. Part of the tower landed on the generator building.
Trooper getting high
Helio Building
As of the summer of 1986, we are now a brand new building housing ourselves, the EAARS repeaters, and microwave links bringing television to remote areas of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico. Here is a view of the site. The generator building is on the left and the equipment building on the right with the tower in the center.
Fuel Tanks Batteries
The site is powered by a generator and solar panels. Here are the fuel tanks for the generator... ... and the batteries for the solar power.
Lookout Tower
Helio Buildings
A view of the Forest Service lookout tower. Here is a view of the generator building.
Packet Node EAARS 2m
This is the HELIO 2m and 439 packet node. The EAARS 146.90 repeater is built on rack panels.
Cactus intertie radios
EAARS has a repeater/remote on 447.825 MHz. It covers most of Eastern AZ. The CARBA/JPARA equipment.
Cactus Radios Batteries
This is another view showing the controller and remote base radio. An older photo showing the original packet node in the blue box..
Microwave TX
Also in the room are television receivers and microwave transmitters which bring television to the Gila River Valley. This is what keeps the building warm:
94.1 FM.

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