Mt. Lemmon
AK7Z Memorial Station

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The tower The Dish
Mt. Lemmon is the central site for CARBA. It covers the Tucson area and much of Phoenix from it's nearly 9000 foot ASL vantage point.
Our site on Mt. Lemmon is shared with S.A.R. and multiple packet nodes.
All the signals from Mt. Lemmon run to our main controller at the Mt. Bigelow hub. They are linked via microwave through this dish. The first working dish installed in the Cactus intertie system was here. It began our microwave linking project.
Front SARA repeater
This is a front view of our building. N6DGT invites you to come on in . . . From the front door you can see the S.A.R.A. repeater.
Rack Closer Rack
The CARBA rack. This rack contains our 440 radio and a microwave link. In this closer view you can see the MSF-5000 repeater and the Granger-Telettra link radio.
Polyphaser Polyphaser outside
The building is equipped with a Polyphaser Panel Which is well grounded on the outside of the building.
Packet Back of Packet
The packet rack. CARBA supports the 145.01 node, 145.15 gateway and helps with the LEMMON APRS weather station and digipeater. The back side of packet.
John Vancza, AK7Z

who gave so much to our club and to amateur radio in general. John spent many, many days at the site on Mt. Lemmon.
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