Mule Mountain

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Dark Canyon

The south radio site

Mule Mountain is a 7000 foot peak located in Southeast Arizona near the town of Bisbee. Our equipment is in the far right site in this photo.

Mule Mountain Site

The Mule Mountain site houses our equipment as well as a cable TV relay and a translator for KUAT-FM.

Sierra Vista View

From the Mule Mountain site the Huachuca mountains are clearly visible overlooking Ft. Huachuca and Sierra Vista.

IM & RFI (think about it) The Rack
KC7IM and KB7RFI smile as another Micorpse is removed from service to be replaced with something newer. Here is the finished cabinet with new Mitreks installed behind the large panel.
New Syntor 2 meter antenna
In the summer of 1997 we installed a new Motrola Syntor to be the 2 meter remote base radio on Mule Mountain. The 2 meter antenna: a "J"!

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