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In August 2003 The new location was activated for the Tucson North site. At 2850 ft it covers most of the Tucson Basin, North along I-10 to Picacho and beyond, and way South along I-19. The repeater was assembled by Ralph, W7HSG with Mike, N7CK configuring the controller. It was our first installation of a SRS controller.

The antenna is on a 45-foot pole overlooking Oro Valley and the West side of the Catalina Mountains.
The machine has a 420 MHz link to the Tucson Downtown site.

In the Fall of 2012 we installed a new set of cavities and refurbished the 440 Mitrek for another lifetime.

Here the antenna gets replaced after a lightning strike in September 2011. Joining the antenna party are: (left-to-right) Rich (KD6VLN, Sitting), Mike (N7CK, Supervising), John (W7JL, Watching) Dorsey (W7EDS, Getting ready) Chuck (KB7RFI, Listening) AND Rick (W7RAP, Balancing the mast on his forehead).

On the roof: Mykle (N7JZT), handles the heliax, while Don and Gerry (KO6F) get ready to raise the antenns.

More antenna installation: Push!

North radio cabinet: 4 Mitreks and a SRS controller

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